First OpenAPI
Bank-as-a-Service platform

connecting banking world with fintechs across
all Asia Pacific region

Easy onboarding for FinTechs

Registration on portal

    • BAASIS collect digital copies of required documents
    • BAASIS team checks the documents, presentation, financial model
    • BAASIS team makes own legal and business opinion
    • BAASIS sends approved documents to partner bank for KYC

Go and sign

      • Fintech representative is using bank’s branch for KYC
      • Bank grants access to every banking APIs available in this country


BAASIS is a software platform with an API layer connecting banks and fintech startups that helps to unify and transfer financial data and payment streams from banks to fintech in a secured ecosystem, functioning as a middleman and infrastructure provider. BAASIS platfrom includes of data adaptors, BAASIS Cloud and standardised suite of APIs covering every banking function from CASA and card issuing to cross border payments and trading.

BAASIS backed by Life.SREDA VC and InspirAsia, leading FinTech investor and accelerator in Asia respectively.

BAASIS is aiming to connect all markets across Asia Pacific region (and other regions later) in order to provide fintech startups opportunity to scale easily to new markets through BAASIS platform.

BAASIS is a part of the modern financial ecosystem and uses third-parties licenses (banks and other partner FIs). This solution has been already presented to and supported by different regulators and central banks. BAASIS is fully compliant, cooperating with governments is part of its mission as a speaker for emerging asian fintech industry.

BAASIS is an API-layer which works on top of existing licensed and regulated core banking systems. That is why BAASIS itself should not be licensed in any country. As a new platform which transfers payments and financial data BAASIS could be certified by some Central Banks and is ready for this procedures.

Once connected to BAASIS every FinTech gets access to licensed banking services from every partner bank of the platform, including fully legal and compliant accounts and operations.