BAASIS – fintech company, launched in the beginning of 2016 and headquartered in Singapore. Initially it was incubated by fintech accelerator InspirAsia Accelerators and seed-funded by Life.SREDA VC. In January 2017 it opened 2 regional offices in Malaysya and S.Korea and started pilot projects with 2 bank-partners.

BAASIS main mission is to provide state-of-the-art banking infrastructure for FinTechs to integrate their products and services faster, cheaper and smoother than traditional banks.

BAASIS is not only technological provider for FinTechs, but a business partner who helps startups to grow and accelerate their operations, scale geographically and promote their interests among banks, enterprises, regulators and community

BAASIS is initially designed as a global platform, starting with several countries in Asia, and will work with banks and regulators on different markets and correspond to all their rules and requirements

BAASIS is an independent platform and is not strategically controlled by banks or government, that is why is not lobbying specific banks’ interests and protects startups

BAASIS is an ecosytem-builder for FInTechs, and will drive and lead key initiatives in regulatory space, facilitate creation of new fintech licenses, KYC and compliance changes across Asia etc.

BAASIS, through development of its technology and APIs, is always focused on needs of final clients (retail, SMEs) in order to facilitate financial inclusion across Asia

BAASIS is not destroying existing banking processes, instead it helps banks to connect with best FinTech startups, benefit from it and capitalize its core business through the partnership with new players

BAASIS is an international gateway between established banking world and emerging world of fintechs.

It enables banks to evolve and vital for fintechs as a helper in overcoming regulatory barriers as well as optimizes time and money consumption before going to market.