BAASIS Banking API Stacks

Base package of banking APIs provided by BAASIS are assembled into several stacks covering demand from fintechs for banking services

API Stack Importance for Fintech* Priority for Fintech Main API functionalities Priority for BAASIS
Acquiring 35% HIGH POS card payment processing MEDIUM
HIGH Online/mobile card payment processing MEDIUM
Personal payments 68% EXTREME Domestic account to account payment processing EXTREME
MEDIUM Direct debit payment processing MEDIUM
LOW Electronic bill payment processing (EBP) LOW
Cards 59% HIGH Getting the application from fintech for a new card HIGH
HIGH Block exact card MEDIUM
Cash operations 17% LOW ATM cash dispense processing LOW
eWallet 79% EXTREME Opening eWallet account EXTREME
EXTREME eWallet payment processing EXTREME
Business payments 45% MEDIUM International account to account payment processing (SWIFT) LOW
Currency exchange MEDIUM Currency exchange between domestic accounts LOW
MEDIUM Currency exchange for international transaction LOW
Personal Accounts 87% EXTREME Opening current account in local currency EXTREME
LOW Opening current account in foreign currency LOW
LOW Opening shared account in local currency LOW
LOW Opening joint account in local currency LOW
Business Accounts 45% EXTREME Opening business account in local currency MEDIUM
LOW Opening business account in foreign currency LOW
KYC 100% EXTREME Getting the application from fintech for a new bank account EXTREME
MEDIUM Request for AML check up MEDIUM
HIGH Activation answer after KYC in the branch HIGH
Security 100% EXTREME Generating session OTP for 2 Factor Authentification EXTREME
MEDIUM Fingerprint recogtinion MEDIUM
MEDIUM Face recognition MEDIUM
MEDIUM Voice recognition MEDIUM
EXTREME Terminating user session EXTREME
Administration 56% MEDIUM Access all open accounts list LOW
LOW Access exact account details LOW
LOW Access exact account transactions log LOW
MEDIUM Block exact account LOW
Messaging 84% EXTREME Sending a system message (errors, notices, statuses) EXTREME
Trading 15% LOW Opennig account at stock market broker LOW
LOW Opennig account at forex market broker LOW
Personal Finances 28% MEDIUM Account history aggregation LOW
MEDIUM Transactional details request LOW
Scoring 70% HIGH Upload application for scoring HIGH
HIGH Request current score for applicat HIGH

* of 286 surveyed