Bank as a Platform

Key Areas for Retail banks

Mobile and digital

  • Digital customers are already there
  • Technology is accessible to all
  • Focus is to attract new young generation

Data monetization and analytics

Data-rich solution:

  • Dynamic business steering
  • Behavior-driven marketing
  • Data-rich consumer and applications

P&L — Internal Processes

  • Operational excellence and digitalization
  • Cost reduction and optimization
  • Areas of synergy

Value Added Services

(New revenues)

Services based on customer behavior:

  • Prior to payment transaction (predictive)
  • At the moment of transaction (instant)
  • After payment transaction

New Business Models

  • Partnering with Big-tech?
  • Partnering with Schemes?
  • Partnering with Fintech?
  • Joint venture with GP

Banks + Fintech. For what reason?

Fintech offers banks access to technologies, brings new ideas to market at speed, enables to add value from bank’s data and changes bank’s culture

Why FinTech need banks?

  • Access to existing customer bases — trust, inertia
  • Access to Payment, Clearing and Settlement Systems
  • Access to regulatory compliance
  • Access to raw data

Successful Partnership

Why banks need FinTech?

  • Access to ideas
  • Access to new technology
  • Access to agility: speed to market
  • Access to expertise around data Exposure to different culture

Clearly, not all of today’s banks and fintechs will survive. The survivors will be those that reimagine relationships with their customers and partners.


Platform that is easily accessible to all participants makes possible for banks to test new ideas and services through partnerships quick and with low budgets and risks. Instead of cannibalizing each other businesses, various participants can now create value together and share the resulting revenue in order to prosper as partners instead of perishing as competitors.

Every client can launch their marketplace of banking services instantly and experiment with multiple approaches at low costs using a modularized solution to stay agile and flexible.

Fast implementation of features and speedy investment returns in regard to new products and services lets you increase the revenue per customer, loyalty and the lifetime value of your clients.

Technology summary & advantages

  • Implementation project could be started immediately
  • Short time-to-market
  • Scalable by extensions
  • Open to third party APIs
  • Modularity
  • Multilinguality
  • Totally flexible for local regulations
  • Proven by hundreds of implementations in banking industry
  • Cloud and standalone server hosted
  • Highest standards of security
  • Reasonable maintenance costs
  • 24/7 availability and high performance
  • Legacy free

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