Bank-as-a-Service (BaaS)

solution to address Fintech challenges in Asia

Bank-as-a-service is a technological platform with a suite of APIs, that integrates seamlessly with any existing back-office of traditional banks and provides non-banks with cost-effective, easy and fast way to launch various financial products.

Bank-as-a-Service do not compete either with banks or fintech, instead it’s an ecosystem builder that connects all players of financial industry, provide them new revenue streams and products for their existing customers.

Chris Skinner

one of the TOP5 fintech-influencers and predictors, author of bestsellers “Digital Bank” and “Value Web”, managing partner of the BB Fund in London

You’re probably all familiar with SaaS – it’s basically paying for applications as you use them, rather than buying them. These services used to cost you a fortune, but are now free or near enough. That’s where banking is going. Banking becomes plug and play apps you stitch together to suit your business or lifestyle. There’s no logical reason why Banking shouldn’t be delivered as SaaS.

This is the future bank, and old banks will need to reconsider their services to compete with this zero margin model.

…anyone in the near future would be able to build their own bank through apps, APIs and analytics.

Value for traditional banks

Implementing a Digital Banking Strategy

Instead of competing with new FinTech startups, the platform’s suite of APIs enables banks to integrate 3rd party FinTech services which banking customers can access through the bank’s digital channels, increasing the loyalty and profitability of the bank’s customer base, as well as generating new customers and revenue streams

Significant Cost Savings

BaaS-platform is a complete system that wraps seamlessly around the bank’s existing infrastructure offering significant costs savings over buying and integrating components of the digital banking technology stack individually

The platform is relatively quick to implement, connecting to an existing legacy back end core banking infrastructure to enable fast adoption and time-to-market

Value for non-banks

Easy and fast launch of Fintech startups

In conjunction with a partner bank, BaaS-platform enables non- banks to quickly deploy the financial products without having to deal with banking regulation and set-up requirements

Effective integration through APIs allows non-banks to concentrate on their core business and not to spend time on struggling with banks’ IT legacy

Increase Value

While offering next generation Banking Services to existing customers of non-banks BaaS-platform enables non-banks, such as fintechs, telcos, messengers or internet giants to capitalize on their customer base by offering financial services and closed payment loops, increasing the ARPU, loyalty and the lifetime value of their clients

Connection to BAASIS platform provides instant access to every fintech vertical all across Asia Pacific:

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