Multifactor authentication

BAASIS activity involves transfers of sensitive personal and data flows and financial transactions and everyone connected should be sure platform is as safe as existing core banking systems regulated by Central Banks. That is why inside BAASIS infrastructure only banks able to store sensitive data and share access to it only by person’s verified consent

Private personal data about individuals and SME

known only by bank and hosted at secured servers inside PCI-DSS certified data centers in each country:


phone number




goods amount

account details

Even in our PCI-DSS certified BAASIS Cloud we store only anonymised and secured data.

Encrypted and tokenized transactional data

Without any sign of personal details is securely stored inside BAASIS Cloud across the Asia Pacific region:

date and time

transaction volume


payment channel



To verify person before granting access to account and financial data and authorise transaction BAASIS team have created one of the strongest cutting edge multifactor authentication technologies with supported types of user authentication:

Basic: login/password-authentication

Two factor: SMS OTP-authentication

Two factor: Token authentication

Two factor: TAN authentication

Multi factor: ID/Passport recognition

Multi factor: Fingerprint recognition

Multi factor: Face recognition

Multi factor: Voice recognition

Multi factor: Iris scanning

And secure authorization technology for financial world built on OAuth 2.0 open standard.